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10% off your first order. Enter promo code 'WELCOMETOSRMARKET' at checkout.
10% off your first order. Enter promo code 'WELCOMETOSRMARKET' at checkout.

About Spice Road Market


Quite simply, Spice Road Market's mission is to bring healthy and authentic global cuisines to the masses



To serve this mission, we provide our customers an easy-to-use online marketplace with curated brands and products delivered via convenient shipping to all 48 contiguous U.S. states. In line with our mission, we also offer our products at competitive prices to make healthy, authentic cuisines even more accessible.




During product curation, we are very disciplined and diligent when selecting products to offer our customers. Our curation process consists of the following three criteria:

 1. Ethical

Trusted, values-based brands and products, including, but not limited to, third-party certifications in health, sourcing/manufacturing, dietary needs and social responsibility.

We recognize that trust is continuous, so we curate our selection continuously.

2. Authentic

Our unique selection brings the unique, authentic flavors of the world to your home. On our website, we make it easy for you to shop by your  favorite cuisine(s)!

We aim to supplement our selection with popular and on-demand cuisines, and welcome your feedback and requests for additional cuisines and flavors.

3. Healthy 

Just like we curate our products for values and authenticity, we carefully review ingredients in each product to avoid the most harmful and reflect the latest research and scientific consensus. We believe that prevention is better than the cure, and aim to offer and promote functionally beneficial foods.

If you see any products that have suspect ingredients or would like to suggest additional products, please contact us.