For Customers

Why should I shop here?
Please visit our "About Spice Road Market" & "Values & Brand Selection Criteria" pages.
How do you verify the values listed in your products?
The values listed come directly from our trusted brand partners and their products go through our careful curation process to make it our shop. If an item or brand is in question from our customers or reputable external sources, we will pull it from the shop as soon as possible.
How do I know if an item is in stock?
If its out of stock, it will be marked as such on the product page. Otherwise, its in stock!
Will I be taxed on purchases?
Customers who ship orders to the state of Virginia are taxed on their purchases (excluding shipping), as governed by the VA state nexus laws regarding food items. Based on your shipping address entered, this is calculated and processed automatically via our online shop. As various state laws evolve, we will keep monitoring and revising our shop accordingly. Customers outside of Virginia are responsible for submitting sales and usage taxes as appropriate.
Where is Spice Road Market located?
For certain products, we operate a warehouse & fulfillment center from the New York City metro area, with legal headquarters and origins in Virginia (DC-metro area). For other products, we also have distributor partners with warehouse and fulfillment centers throughout the U.S.
What is your shipping & order fulfillment policy?
Please see our "Shipping & Returns" page for details.
What is your return policy?
Please visit our "Shipping & Returns" page for more details.
How do I request a brand or product in the shop?
Please submit a request via our "Contact Us" page and select "New Product/Brand Request".

For Brands

Why should we sell our products here?
We want to provide authentic and quality products to our customers (who require & demand this), and we conduct transparent business with our partners based on an ethical foundation. Please visit our "About Spice Road Market" and "Values & Brand Selection Criteria" to learn more.
How do we sell on your shop?
If you sell your products wholesale and think your brand may be a good fit, please review our "Values & Brand Selection Criteria" page and contact us. You must be able to ship your products to our facility in the continental US. We generally prefer and accept samples from new brands. If all those check out, then we will take care of the rest in the online storefront (including order fulfillment) and notify our customers!
How do our products become featured on your website and marketing content?
Please email us at and we will route that request appropriately.

For Anyone Else

Careers: Interested in joining our team?
Please email us with 1-2 paragraphs stating your interest and summarizing your background at and we will route the request appropriately.
Media & Press Requests: How do we connect with you?
Please email us at and we will route the request appropriately.
Technical & Customer Account Issues: How do I submit a request for support?
Please visit our "Contact Us" page , select "Webmaster", and then submit the form.