Our Values: Convenience, Authenticity & Quality

We very carefully curate the brands and products that sell on our shop, and ensure they map with our values. Here are our brand guidelines:
  • Authentic Culture Cuisine: What does it mean it be authentic to a culture? Its an ongoing debate amongst food & culture experts, but to us, we define authentic cultural cuisine as food inspired or originated from popular origins, cuisines, and/or cultures. We promote diversity and variety in the cuisines we offer, and focus on authentic flavors and ingredients to help customers recreate their favorite cultural dishes.
  • Transparency: We want brands who have a good story to tell. Some of our brands have won numerous awards and been certified from some of the world's most recognized food governing agencies, while others are just getting started and see an opportunity to serve our customers and accelerate their outreach.
  • Values-Based & Quality Products : As a customer, you are what you eat and we recognize that your values play a strong part in that. We emphasize products with high quality ingredients, including verified values (e.g. organic, non-GMO, fair trade, halal, kosher, etc.). We also look for variety of values to serve different customer requirements and preferences. 
  • Convenient Access & Hassle-Free Shipping: It is critical that the products in our store can be sold and shipped throughout the U.S. We work with various distributors, drop-ship, and manage wholesale inventory, so we can easily arrange to ship our products to our customers in a hassle-free manner. 

So Who Made the Cut? Here is a Sampling: