Coarse Desert Pearl™ Salt


One of Natierra's journeys took them to one of the lowest elevations of Africa, 515ft below sea level, and they discovered a new treasure; the Desert Pearl™. Hand-harvested for centuries by the nomads and shaped by mother nature, the Desert Pearl™ is an exceptional Gourmet Salt. Salt eroded by the wind, and stirred into the waters of the lake, is then shaped into those pearls thanks to the surf. Unrefined and rich in essential trace minerals, the subtle flavor and the texture of the desert pearl is sure to enhance your savory dishes. 

Net Wt. 11 oz. (Glass Jar)

Pearl Salt.

Desert Pearl™ is the finishing touch to any dish, including fish, vegetables, soups and sauces. An easy to use table salt. Easy to refill with our existing glass jar line.

  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Thierry Ollivier, Natierra’s founder and CEO, opened the doors of BrandStorm Inc. by launching Himalania Pink Salt, then Himalania® Goji Berries on the forefront of superfood innovation. The success of these products propelled the brand into a thriving superfood and gourmet salt line savored around the world. With the momentum of Himalania® well underway, Thierry honed his expertise in the organic industry to launch Nature’s All Foods®, the first organic and Fair Trade freeze-dried fruit and veggie line. Nature’s All Foods® couples the most appealing organic fruits with a sophisticated freeze-drying process to deliver the most premium method of preserving taste and healthful nutritional benefits. In 2014, to further reinforce his personal and corporate mission, Thierry introduced Natierra®, in turn harmonizing household names Himalania® and Nature’s All Foods® under one future-focused brand. Learn more about the man behind the mission.

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