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Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice™

Lotus Foods
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Imported from China. 

One of Lotus' most exemplary rices, both for its nutritional and flavor profile, they infuse an organic pearled rice with wildcrafted BamBoom!™ extract, made from the Moso species of bamboo that grows in the virgin highland forest of south central China.

The oldest living peoples of the world eat a staple of rice mixed with a unique, edible species of Bamboo leaf and stem for its good nutritional profile. They consider this warm mountain-grown bamboo the true tree of life. Coupled with organic and sustainable growing methods, this is a perfect rice for any occasion.

Net Wt. 15 oz.

Organic Rice, Wildcrafted Bamboo Extract.

  • Certified Organic
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Gluten- and Wheat-Free
  • Certified Kosher

Established in 1995, Lotus Foods is a specialty rice company that has pioneered the introduction of exotic rice handcrafted on small family farms in remote areas of the world such as Bhutan, Bangladesh, and China, into the US market. Each rice varietal is distinguished by its terroir and treasured for its distinctive cooking quality, taste, texture, aroma, color, and nutritional value. Lotus Foods was founded with the intent and vision to support sustainable global agriculture by promoting production of traditional heirloom rice varieties, many of which may otherwise have become extinct, while enabling the small family rice farmer to earn an honorable living. Lotus Foods is the only US-based company with the unique vision and commitment to seek out small family rice farmers in developing countries and provide them a means of economic support through access to a global and sustainable marketplace economy.

When cooked, this beautiful jade-colored rice produces the aroma of a bamboo forest, a light vanilla taste, and an explosion of health-giving nutrients. Lotus' Organic Jade Pearl Rice makes an especially pretty plate presentation, sushi, Asian style risotto and dessert pudding.

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