Spice Road Market's mission and purpose is especially close to my heart (& stomach):  bringing healthy, trusted & organic ethnic food to the masses.

Prior to Spice Road Market, I co-founded two organizations, worked for 3 startups, and initiated startup-inspired movements in a large corporation, all with the aims of serving populations that aren’t being addressed by the current market - but this time it feels even more special and I will explain why. 

Below, I’ve listed the top three reasons that I chose to found Spice Road Market and cultivate our community of healthy ethnic food lovers. #SpiceRoadCulture 


1. Ethnic food should be wholesome and good for the body.

“No. I don’t want to eat ethnic food because it’s unhealthy.”  

Growing up in an immigrant household, the above statement (in all its kind and unkind variations) was a regular excuse. I have given this excuse to myself and to others, and I still use it well into my adult years. If I want to get in shape, feel healthy, or “cleanse” my body & soul, I reluctantly and religiously cut out my intake of ethnic food, particularly those from my South Asian heritage. Yet, I have always loved the taste of ethnic cuisine because I am an ethnic foodie, who appreciates and enjoys experimenting with all types of food and cuisine, and I will curtail my stringent diets to come back to it.  


I started Spice Road Market not only because I love ethnic food, but also because I want to change the narrative that ethnic food feels unhealthy. I believe that ethnic food should not always feel oily and greasy or put one into a “lunch coma." Ethnic food should bring the very best naturally occurring nutrients across the globe to the mind, body, soul, and palate. That is why at Spice Road Market our selection includes items that are superfoods, raw, vegan, minimally or never processed and with numerous health benefits designed for conscious consumers. 



2. Challenging the "organic food tax"

We are all aware of the organic and fair-trade food movements, along with so many others that trend every other month, which happen as a response to the irresponsibility and greed of the traditional food industry that tries to serve the masses. Interestingly, when I traveled to various “developing” parts of the world, including Central America, Asia and Africa, I observed that “organic” food is the cheapest, healthiest, and most accessible to the average person, especially in rural areas. However, in the United States, it’s the reverse. Unfortunately, the cheapest foods tend to be the worst for you. Furthermore, organic food and foods made with the most trusted ingredients are usually not only quite expensive, but also exclusively found in larger urban areas. 


I started Spice Road Market because I want to make trusted & organic ethnic food more accessible to American consumers, regardless of their socioeconomic background or location. I believe that organic and ethically-sourced food is a basic right and should not be reserved for just the fortunate few. Average consumers should not be required to make tremendous sacrifices in order to make an organic lifestyle possible. That is why Spice Road Market offers 2-day priority shipping throughout the 48 contiguous U.S. without requiring customers to pay any monthly or annual subscription fees. We also keep our prices competitive and are introducing a price matching policy to match the lowest price available online for individual products.



3. Restoring the lost practice of cooking and sharing meals with others

Lastly, the price of eating out continues to grow and it’s harder to find the right balance of ethnic flavors that are healthy, organic, ethically-sourced and, of course, tasty. I started Spice Road Market to make cooking ethnic cuisine easier in your own home – simply and conveniently. In 2018, we all have busy lives; the list of competing responsibilities keeps growing. We don’t have the time to spend hours preparing and cooking meals daily, but I believe in the value of cooking more meals – not just because of the bonding power it brings to households, families, and friends, but also because of the DIY “high” of eating food you cooked yourself and sharing it with others. It’s a feeling that can’t be described, only experienced.

That is why Spice Road Market has various ethnic spice blends to make it easy to recreate tasty popular ethnic foods, and our #SpiceRoadCulture community is offered tips for making the most out of our product selection. 

Onward and upward to bringing healthy, trusted & organic ethnic food to the masses!



Spice Road Market is a newly founded company that understands the importance of convenient access to ethnic food. With two-day priority shipping, we make it easy for you to get your favorite cultural ingredients (think spice blends, rice, noodles, and snacks). On top of that, we carefully curate a selection of brands that value ethically sourced, healthy ingredients. If any of this sounds ‘appetizing’ to you, shop online here or like us on our Facebook page for updates. #SpiceRoadCulture