Top Multicultural Bloggers You Should Follow

At Spice Road Market, we love to celebrate the diverse cultures and cuisines that are found in the United States. There are so many rich flavors, cooking techniques, and unique ingredients found in multicultural cuisine, and we love showcasing those recipes to our community so that they can be loved and appreciated by all.


Below, we’ve compiled a list of 9 of our favorite multicultural food bloggers, categorized by cuisine (Asian, South Asian, and Latin American). These bloggers have a passion for food and for writing, and they’ve created delectably mouthwatering content honoring their diverse lives. All we can say is: we hope that you love their blogs as much as we do.

Asian Cuisine

1. No Recipes

Marc Matsumoto created No Recipes in 2007 so people can prepare a variety of amazing Japanese foods despite different backgrounds and skill levels. The blog features many Japanese recipes such as Hokkaido-style miso ramen (pictured above), oyakodon, and miso glazed eggplant. Since Marc never cooks based on a recipe, he hopes to teach others about new ingredients and proper techniques, so they will also have the confidence to experiment and cook with “No Recipe.” He includes a number of fascinating recipes such as soy milk panna cotta with black sugar sauce and curried lamb karaage.

2. My Korean Kitchen

My Korean Kitchen began in 2006 as a platform for Sue Pressey to teach and share her love of Korean food and Korean fusion food with the world. Her blog includes recipes for kimchi jigae (pictured above) and kimchi fried rice. Amazing recipes for lesser known dishes such as jjolmyeon (spicy chewy noodles) and hotteok (sweet pancakes) are also included. For those who do not have access to Korean ingredients where they live, Sue has her own online Korean grocery store on her site.

3. Omnivore's Cookbook

If you’re curious about Chinese cuisine, check out Omnivore’s Cookbook. Maggie Zhu began Omnivore’s Cookbook in hopes to share Chinese recipes that can easily be made at home. Her recipes range from classic beef noodle soup (pictured above) to Szechuan dry-fried green beans to her mother’s mandarin duck pancakes. Each one includes step-by-step pictures which allows those who are not familiar with Asian cooking to follow along and learn more about the different ingredients that are important to Chinese cooking. Omnivore’s Cookbook also introduces essential spices, ingredients, and tools to share Chinese food culture with her readers.

Indian Cuisine

1. Saffron Trail

Saffron Trail is the blog to follow if you’re craving for heathy Indian food. Nandita started Saffron Trail in 2006, and she focuses on combinations of healthy and tasty dishes that can be easily cooked at home. Nandita's creativity is quite apparent when you look the kind of dishes she posts about - Rocket Salad, Oats Dhokla, Chickpea and Roasted Figs to name a few. Check out her Indian Quinoa Recipe, pictured above! 

2. Flavors of Mumbai

As the blog name suggests, Maria is a foodie hailing from Mumbai. Her blog is a collection of Mumbai street food recipes, Goan cuisine, eggless baking, regional recipes and simple Indian recipes. Another interesting section on her blog is 'Budget', where you will find recipes which can be prepared quickly. You can also check out low-fat section if you are looking to find some ways to shed those extra calories.

3. Archana's Kitchen

Archana has years of experience to share with her audience. Archana began to take interest in cooking at a young age, and her hard work and dedication is well manifested on this awesome blog. The blog focuses on the recipes for healthy food, and we can see by Archana's popularity on social media that she is definitely cooking something amazing in her kitchen. She has dozens of traditional recipes, including the Nawabi Paneer Curry recipe shown above! 

Latin American Cuisine

1. Aunt Clara's Kitchen

Aunt Clara’s Kitchen is written by Aunt Clara, who is Dominican and is married to a Danish, and Aunt Ilana, from Gibraltar. They both live in the Dominican Republic. Their site is a celebration of Dominican cooking. “We believe that our cuisine is rich, and that it ought to be promoted as healthy, varied and a reflection of our culture.” Aunt Clara’s Kitchen has a delicious and impressive array of food— everything you can think of from appetizers, to party dishes, main courses and more!

2. Laylita

Layla Pujol was born in Ecuador, lives in Seattle and her husband is French. She says her love of food goes beyond Ecuador and Latin America and was influenced by her mom’s spicy New Mexican cooking and her grandmother’s Southwestern and Texas style BBQ (talk about multicultural!) Layla’s recipes can be found in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. She will soon be releasing a cookbook of Ecuadorian dishes. Check out her Baked Sweet Plantain with Cheese recipe (pictured right).

3. Aromas & Sabores

Heidi Leon Monges is a journey through food, travel and photography. Heidi is a Mexican creative photojournalist currently living in France with her husband who is a pastry chef. Heidi’s recipes and food photography are absolutely stunning. Check out this scrumptious recipe Sinaloa Style Tuna Tostadas